Binary executable

Archinstall can be compiled into a standalone executable. For Arch Linux based systems, there’s a package for this called archinstall.


This is not required if you’re running archinstall on a pre-built ISO. The installation is only required if you’re creating your own scripted installations.

Using pacman

Archinstall is on the official repositories.

sudo pacman -S archinstall


The source contains a binary PKGBUILD which can be either copied straight off the website or cloned using git clone

Once you’ve obtained the PKGBUILD, building it is pretty straight forward.

makepkg -s

Which should produce an archinstall-X.x.z-1.pkg.tar.zst which can be installed using:

sudo pacman -U archinstall-X.x.z-1.pkg.tar.zst


For a complete guide on the build process, please consult the PKGBUILD on ArchWiki.

Manual compilation

You can compile the source manually without using a custom mirror or the PKGBUILD that is shipped. Simply clone or download the source, and while standing in the cloned folder ./archinstall, execute:

nuitka3  --standalone --show-progress archinstall

This requires the nuitka package as well as python3 to be installed locally.